Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Toy/Gadget

Well finally got my new toy, a HTC Touch Diamond, no not a iPhone 3G, but a pretty light phone with a iPhone type of interface.

The first task was actually not exploring the new toy but getting it to a English rom. Luckily for me there is a great web-site called: XDA-developers. A specially the forum has a great section about installing custom roms. So now I don't have a Dutch HTC but a English HTC.

The beauty of the HTC Diamond is its interface, the TouchFlo 3D. Controlling many applications with the touch of your fingers. I like it a lot. I also have a QTek S200, that one has Windows Mobile 5. The HTC has Windows Mobile 6.1, but compare to the QTek you dont see much of the Windows Mobile and that is good. This need to find a good Calendar program. The one inside Windows Mobile works but doesn't work very good.

PS  To get from a Dutch HTC to a English HTC, first Hard SPL your device, and then apply the new rom, in my case Elite 2.0.

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