Friday, July 25, 2008

Another day, another story

With software development there is always something, something that works great and something that doesn't work. Today was not different from that.

So today I worked again on the WCF service to connect any client to SecondLife®. First up was to get a simple local chat going, receiving that chat from SL and sending chat to SL. From looking at the test client within libsecondlife that was pretty easy to implement. Its for me also the first time I build from scratch a service that uses libsecondlife.

Second up was the friendslist. Probalby the most important feature of SecondLIfe :). A first problem popped up. When right after login want to read you're friendslist, it knows the amount off friends but doesn't know there names. Pretty annoying because automatic getting the friendslist from WCF service is pretty much out of the question, or I need to find a sleep function. So the first extention of the service was born, to receive the friendslist you send a message to the service. After that the service send you all the details of your friends. If it is a long list it will probably take some time. Have to test that.

Last job of the day was getting away from my simple command program to test the WCF service. So delving right into it, I thought about building a silverlight client. So there I bumped into a big problem. When connecting to the service it default enables (and cant be disabled) that the service is async. That has a major effect. I think because it is a "wsDualHttpBinding", and if so that major sucks. :(

Ok I'm off to bed :) Tomorrow another day, another story....

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